Why Kolab?

The name is a combination of the first names of the two pillars of this company , "Kojo" and "Benzi", representing their collaboration and joint efforts in building the business.

It also sounds similar to "collab," short for "collaboration", which is a common practice among brands and designers to create unique and limited edition releases. Kojo and Benzi, being experts in the sneaker business, were well aware of this and wanted to reflect the idea of collaboration in their store's name.

Kojo and Benzi: an obvious Kolab

Kojo's success in the sneaker business can be attributed to his excellent customer service and reliability. When he started selling sneakers through his Instagram page in 2019, he quickly gained a reputation for being trustworthy and dependable. He was always quick to respond to customer inquiries and provided detailed information about the sneakers he sold.

As Kojo's business grew, he knew that he needed to expand his inventory and find new suppliers to keep up with the demand. That's when he met Benzi, an expert in sourcing rare and exclusive sneakers. Benzi had been one of Kojo's suppliers since 2020, providing him with access to unique sneakers that Kojo couldn't find anywhere else.

Kojo and Benzi quickly realized that they could benefit from each other's skills and experience. They decided to work together, with Kojo focusing on sales and Benzi on sourcing. Their partnership allowed them to expand their inventory and offer even more exclusive sneakers to their customers.

With Kojo's sales skills and Benzi's sourcing expertise, their business grew rapidly, and they became known as one of the main sellers of sneakers in Portugal.

They decided to make it official by starting an online business and a store in the center of Lisbon.